Winter Skin Care

Source: user rubyblossom

Between harsh weather, indoor heating, and hot showers, skin takes a beating during winter. Even if you generally have normal, combination or oily skin, you may find yourself with dry skin during the year’s colder months. If you’re looking to revamp your winter skin care routine, here are a few handy tips for maintaining health and comfort no matter what winter brings.

Cool Off
One of the biggest skin care mistakes during winter is using hot water. Taking extra hot showers can feel great when the temperature plunges, but it is extremely drying to one’s skin. If you don’t want your face to feel stripped, choose a cooler temperature when it comes to washing your face, and be sure to use a gentle, hydrating cleanser.

Focus on Protection
When the sun is out, skin care savvy individuals take care to use an SPF to protect against sun damage. Well, protection is just as important during winter, though the focus should shift to moisturizing.

To keep skin beautiful and comfortable, be sure to choose a slightly heavier day face cream than you would wear during warmer months. The extra moisture and skin-boosting ingredients will help to protect against wind, rain, cold, and other harsh weather conditions. An SPF is still important, but it doesn’t need to be as strong as one would wear during summer.

Suit Up
Sometimes dry winter skin needs a bit more than your skin care regimen. When the weather gets particularly bleak, it’s time to pull out the scarves, hats, and sunglasses. Covering as much of your face as comfort and style will allow will give you the best protection against weather-related damage. You may, at first, feel a bit silly covering your mouth with a scarf, but when you’re the only one without chapped skin, you’ll know you made the right choice.

Pucker Up
Last but not least, when you’re protecting your skin against bitter cold and false heat, don’t forget your lips! Now, more than ever, a great lip care product is a must. Again, choose something with SPF and extra moisture to make sure that your mouth doesn’t fall prey to the redness and peeling skin of chapped lips.

If your lips do end up chapped, make sure to hydrate from the inside and outside. Drink extra water, but don’t let it evaporate from your lips, which will make chapping worse. Instead, apply healing lip treatments on top of lips in between glasses of water.

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