Atopalm Multi-Lamellar Emulsion FAQs

If you’ve heard the name Atopalm, you’ve no doubt heard of Atopalm’s Multi-Lamellar Emulsion, known as MLE for short. While all of Atopalm’s ingredients are specially chosen for their gentleness and efficacy, MLE technology is definitely what sets Atopalm apart. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions regarding MLE, which will give you a look at how it works and why it’s great for your dry skin.

What is MLE technology?
Created by NeoPharm, MLE perfectly mimics your skin’s natural lipid structure. It is comprised of plant-derived cholesterol, fatty acids, and ceramides, which make MLE identical to the skin’s lipid lamellar structure. Its formula ensures safe, mild, and effective use because your skin will recognize MLE as its own lipids.

How does MLE work?
MLE reverses signs of a compromised lipid layer by imitating the skin’s own lipids, leading to true restoration. Whether one’s skin is made dry by weather, hormones, medication, genetics, or a poor skin care regimen, MLE technology can restore the lipid layers in order to also restore healthy skin tone and texture.

Why do I need MLE in my skin care products?
The lipid bilayers of the skin are there to lock in moisture, while simultaneously keeping allergens and microbes from attacking the lower levels of the dermis. When the lipid structure is compromised, skin becomes uncomfortable, flaky, dull, and prone to attacks by external aggressors. MLE is able to replace lost lipids in order to reverse and prevent dry, sensitive skin, soothe aggravated skin, and soften and smooth rough skin.

Before and after MLE use

Is MLE heavy or greasy?
Because MLE provides such thorough rejuvenation, most people assume it to be clinical in texture, but nothing could be further from the truth! All of Atopalms’ products containing MLE are rich yet non-greasy, moisturizing without feeling heavy, and very quickly absorbed. Its luxurious texture means that Atopalm’s MLE products may be used by all skin types looking for renewal, not only dry and sensitive skin types.

Is MLE safe to use on the entire body?
Absolutely! In fact, many of Atopalm’s products are intended for use anywhere dry skin is a problem, from one’s rosacea-prone face, to their cracked, rough heels.

Do you have your own question about Atopalm Multi-Lamellar Emulsion? Leave us a comment and ask away!

One thought on “Atopalm Multi-Lamellar Emulsion FAQs

  1. I’d like to second that products such as Atopalm which markedly improve impaired skin barrier function reduce rosacea symptoms such as burning and redness, both from the skin disease itself, and in reaction to the application of skin care products, cosmetics and topical medications, which often have irritating side effects.

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