The Oil Cleansing Method for Skin

Source: user churl
Source: user churl

So, you’re ready for some deep skin care cleansing and revitalization, eh? Even if you’re being good and cleansing your skin each morning and evening, pampering your skin with a deep oil cleanse will help to restore balance, radiance, and comfort to all skin types. Yes, even oily skin!

It may seem wrong to cleanse skin with oil, but the truth is that oil dissolves oil. Even though sebum (your skin’s natural oil) is naturally good for your skin, it easily becomes dirty with debris and bacteria, which is what results in blemishes. When you cleanse with a stripping solution to try to control excess oil, your skin responds by making even more sebum, which gets you stuck in a very nasty game of catch-22.

Using the correct oils on your skin, you’ll be able to remove dirt and bacteria from the pores without upsetting your skin’s natural balance. Plus, the oils will actually replace your skin’s dirty sebum with beneficial, clean oils, which keeps the skin feeling supple, protected, and smooth. In this way, normal skin will be maintained and beautified, dry skin will be covered in a dose of nourishment and hydration, and oily skin will become balanced and, over time, begin to produce less sebum.


The Oils

Now, you can’t use any oil to create an oil cleanse for skin. Don’t go grabbing your canola oil and slathering it on your face! To do a proper oil cleanse, you’ll need castor oil and a carrier oil.  The castor oil is what actually pulls out and helps dissolve the yucky stuff in your pores. Think of it as the weapon that is being carried by the, well, carrier oil! Castor oil is fairly inexpensive and readily available, especially online.

For the carrier oil, most people use olive oil because it is easily absorbed, inexpensive, and high in antioxidants. However, you can also use another oil like almond, grape seed, sesame, jojoba, avocado, or sunflower oil. You may even want to try out a few to decide which compliments your skin best, as they each have their own thicknesses, absorbency differences, and hydration levels. In addition, problem or acne skin may benefit most from flax seed oil evening primrose oils, which can help balance skin hormonal issues.

Many people assume that coconut oil would be the most beneficial for skin. While coconut oil is great for purifying and nourishing the hair, you’ll find that it’s actually not great for all skin types. Rather, coconut oil is best only for oily skin, and usually only in summertime.

To make an oil cleanse for normal skin, start with a one-to-one ratio of your castor oil and carrier oil. I prefer to mix my oil cleanser in small batches to ensure that my oil is fresh and nutrient-rich.

For oil cleansing oily skin or acne skin, your ratio will be three parts castor oil to one part carrier oil. Remember that flax and evening primrose oils are great for problem skin, though olive oil will work great, too. This high castor oil ratio will really suck up the unhealthy sebum from your skin without causing the skin to make more sebum.

When it comes to oil cleansing dry skin, mix one part castor oil with three parts carrier oil. You can go richer for dry skin with olive oil or avocado oil, or try out many of the different oils to find out what feels best on your skin.

When you have your mixture ready and waiting, you can add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil, if desired. You’ll also need a washcloth nearby. You don’t need to pre-cleanse your skin, even if you’re wearing makeup. In fact, the oils make a great makeup remover! Just make sure your face is dry and your hair is pulled back.

Begin by pouring about a quarter-sized amount of oil into your palm and rubbing your hands together to evenly distribute the oil. Next, massage your skin with your hands for about a minute. There’s no need to apply pressure or scrub your skin. Just rub in soothing circles, making sure to cover every inch of your face, and even your eyes, lips, and eyebrows.

While you’re massaging, run some water until it’s as hot as you can comfortably stand it on your skin. When the oil is all massaged in, wet the washcloth with the hot water and lay it over your face. Keep it there until it’s room temperature (again, about a minute), and then gently wipe the excess oil off your skin. This process steams your pores, allowing them to open and release the trapped impurities and dead skin cells.

After your oil cleanse, your skin will immediately feel softer and smoother. I find that I only need to oil cleanse about once per week, though some choose to do it every evening to remove makeup and the impurities from the day. Find your balance and reap the benefits of balanced, moisturized, pure, and radiant skin!

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