Body Skin Care

Source: user Syed_W_CCT357
Source: user Syed_W_CCT357

You cleanse, moisturize, treat, and protect your face, but do you also pamper your body? Even the most regimented skin care lovers tend to forget everything from the neck down. Maybe it’s because the face is prominent and considered more important, or maybe it’s simply because the body seems like more of an undertaking than the face! The fact is body skin care is just as important as the complexion. Skin is skin, and it needs some help to stay healthy and beautiful!

If you’re concerned about the cost or work that goes into caring for the skin on your body, don’t be! Even though it does need a little help along the way, caring for your body’s skin is not as intensive as caring for your face because your body is protected most of the time by your clothes. Along those same lines, one doesn’t cover their body in makeup every day, or spend time rubbing, scratching, or picking at the skin on their body, so there’s often less to heal or treat.

The two most common areas of concern on the body are the hands and feet. It’s no surprise when you think of what your hands and feet have to endure all day! These areas often feature dry skin, peeling skin, condition flare-ups (like eczema), and in the case of the hands, signs of sun damage and premature aging.

Masking the issues in these areas with cheap skin care lotion can, unfortunately, make the issues worse. Using inferior ingredients on your skin can actually cause more drying and condition flare-ups. Instead, it’s wise to invest in a healing and protective formula. If your concerns lie within your hands and feet, especially dry or sensitive skin, a set like Atopalm’s Hand and Foot Duo is a must.

These two products use quality ingredients and a special advanced technology to restore natural hydration while soothing and preventing skin care concerns like eczema. They can also be used on other problem areas, like the knees and elbows, to restore beauty and balance.

For the rest of the body, regular cleansing and moisturizing are generally all that’s needed. Find a body lotion or body cream that supplies and seals in moisture while helping to protect with antioxidant botanicals, such as Moisturizing Body Lotion. One may also choose to exfoliate the body, which can help smooth and illuminate dull skin. Since the skin on the body is usually less sensitive than the skin on the face, a physical scrub is a great choice to remove dead skin cells in order to reveal healthy, luminous skin.

Do you have a favorite body skin care tip or product that you rely on? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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