Facial Hair Removal Tips

Source: flickr.com user sophistechate
Source: flickr.com user sophistechate

Your man may look sexy with a beard, but chances are you don’t want to sport a matching one. We women tweeze, wax, and shave most of our bodies, but when it comes to facial hair, a lot of women feel lost. Waxing is pricey, tweezing is time-consuming, and shave stubble on one’s face is a little too conspicuous.

If you’re looking for some new facial hair removal tips, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few dos and don’ts for more discreet and efficient face hair removal.

DO weigh pros and cons. You may initially balk at waxing because of the pain and money involved, but waxing does provide a very smooth finish, long-lasting results, and may reduce hair growth over time. (Be sure to go to a professional, though! At-home waxing is rarely a good idea.)

On the other hand, at-home creams are easy, cheaper, and private. But, if you’re against using harsh chemicals or you have very sensitive skinhair removal creams may not be for you.

Take your time, consider all the options (even options you swore you’d never do), and choose based on your skin type over everything else.

DON’T obsess or over-remove hair. If you go crazy with your method of choice, your skin will become irritated. No one but you can see those tiny hairs as they grow back, and chances are you can only see them when you stand an inch away from your bathroom mirror! Be nice to your skin, and wait the recommended period of time before hair removal treatments.

DO soothe the skin after hair removal. No matter how you remove facial hair, it is a little hard on the skin. Using a soothing skin care product immediately following hair removal will calm stinging while also improving skin smoothness. Our Intensive Moisturizing Cream is the perfect choice; it will soothe irritation and redness while replenishing moisture and softening skin.

DON’T just do whatever is cheapest. While it’s true that you can find relatively inespenxive hair removal options, don’t make your decision based on the lowest price point. Many formulations (especially creams) may boast a low price, but they’ll have low-quality ingredients to match, which can damage your skin.

DO love your face. Maybe you skipped a hair removal treatment. Who cares? Stay confident and own your beauty, no matter what.

Intensive Moisturizing Cream

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