Summer Skin Care Tips for Rosacea

Source: user hunterhogan
Source: user hunterhogan

You ask, we answer! This post comes from our Atopalm Facebook page, and is the second installment in our Featured Question series. (Check out the first user-submitted question here.) If you have a skin care question, be sure to leave a comment here, or Like our Facebook page to ask there. Your question could be featured in a future post!

Today’s question is from Elizabeth. She says, “Rosacea – summertime makes me look like an alcoholic, because of the cheek/nose flushing. Help!”

A simply worded plea, which unfortunately is not a simply treated skin care concern. There is hope, however; here are some great summer skin care tips for rosacea sufferers.

Summertime skin care can be an extra chore for all skin types. Oily skin feels extra heavy under sweat, while dry skin loses what little moisture it has left! But, those who struggle most are those with rosacea, a skin care condition characterized by redness and flushing that becomes worse in heat. Not great news when summer is right around the corner!

If you find that your rosacea worsens during summer months, the first step is to keep cool. Easier said than done, right? As often as you’re able, stay inside air-conditioned buildings, wear protective clothing like hats, and stick to shade when you’re out and about. It’s also a great idea to carry a reusable sports bottle filled with ice water, which will lower your body temperature while also helping to keep skin hydrated and clear.

Secondly, use an SPF skin care product. Whether it’s your daily moisturizer, foundation, or dedicated sunscreen, SPF is especially important for rosacea sufferers. SPF 30 is perfect for sensitive skin, but any SPF above 15 is suitable for rosacea skin.

Finally, be prepared to treat rosacea flare-ups when they happen. If you’ve been out in the heat and you notice excessive flushing, apply a cold compress to your face. It’ll help you feel refreshed while simultaneously reducing symptoms of rosacea.

You can also keep a skin care spritz with aloe in the refrigerator to spray on anytime you feel flushed, but don’t have time for a full cold compress. You can also use the spritz to set your makeup and prepare your skin for the warmth of the day!

Aside from these steps, you should continue to use your rosacea skin care products. There’s no need to switch to new products if you already have a rosacea-specific regimen in place. If you’ve yet to create a skin care regimen for yourself, look to any of Atopalm’s MLE products, which are ideal for rosacea-prone skin, and any other sensitive, dry skin types.

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