What Causes Dry Skin: Age

Source: flickr.com user americanvirus
Source: flickr.com user americanvirus

This post is the first in a new series taking a look at what causes dry skin. There are many causes of dry skin, from weather to genetics to skin conditions. No matter what the cause, your dry skin can be beautifully treated topically with Atopalm products. However, although your dry skin can be treated topically wth Atopalm, it’s always ideal to know the cause of your dry skin in order to better avoid triggers and irritants, or even make lifestyle changes as needed.

What Causes Dry Skin: Age
Have you ever wondered why your once normal skin type has slowly become dry, flaky, red, and rough? The sad truth is that one of the most common causes of dry skin is something unavoidable: age.

As we age, our skin slowly but surely loses collagen, fat, blood vessels, and hair follicles. In addition, our skin’s natural sebum production slows, and in some cases, comes almost to a halt. The loss of these things is what leads to fine lines, wrinkles, rough skin texture, and skin dryness.

On top of this, cell turnover and wound healing also slow down, which means you’ll experience dead skin cell buildup, as well as blemishes that take forever to heal. These things can contribute to a rough skin texture and loss of radiance.

How to Treat Age-Related Dryness
All dry skin conditions are effectively comforted and treated by Atopalm. However, each cause of dry skin may demand a slightly different regimen. For example, aging skin needs Moisturizing Skin Revitalizing Complex, which is designed to heal dry skin while also treating visible signs of aging. Younger dry skin types may not find this product a must-have for their regimen, though preventative measures are always great when it comes to skin care.

One reason why Atopalm is so ideal for aging dry skin is our patented MLE. It will work to repair and replenish your skin’s natural lipid layer, which will allow your skin to hold onto the sebum it still produces while locking in hydration provided by your skin care products. It moisturizes like nothing else can because it is almost identical to the lipid layer you’ve lost over the years!

Because there is no way to prevent aging (yet!), there aren’t many lifestyle changes that will be able to help dry skin caused by age. However, you can prevent sun damage, which is aging skin’s worst enemy. Sun damage can accelerate visible signs of aging, including loss of elasticity, and the appearance of discoloration. Be sure to wear protective clothing and limit summertime sun exposure. When you are out and about, always apply an SPF of 15 or more to exposed skin to minimize your risk of sun damage.

If your dry skin isn’t caused by age, be sure to check back soon to see the next post in our series on causes of dry skin!

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