Baby Foot Exfoliation Treatment vs. Atopalm Foot and Heel Balm

If you follow us on Facebook or stay up-to-date on beauty news, chances are you’ve heard of Baby Foot, a product from Tokyo which claims to give you baby-soft skin on your feet. Using a blend of 17 natural acids and few other ingredients, Baby Foot says their product will loosen dead skin cells and slough away all dry, rough skin (up to 80 layers of dead skin, according to the manufacturer) within two weeks’ time. Sounds perfect, right?

The only problem is this: if a product is potent enough to remove up to 80 layers of dead skin, including callouses, is it really safe? And will your smooth, baby-like skin be tough enough to withstand the workload of the feet without discomfort?

Many users of Baby Foot report peeling success, with huge sheets of dead skin peeling off at a time. Other users report having to vacuum every day or wear socks day and night because of the amount of dead skin. The product clearly works, but not without its drawbacks.

Many reviews state that the product tingles their feet uncomfortably, or even has a burning sensation. Some even say that their new layer of skin is so sensitive that it’s difficult to walk without sensitivity, and only certain shoes can be worn to avoid constant discomfort. There is also no mention of whether or not this product will help prevent future callouses or dead skin buildup.

While some many still be brave enough to try this extreme product, others may be looking for something that is proven to work without discomfort, even on sensitive skin. That’s where Atopalm Foot and Heel Balm comes in. Formulated with MLE and natural oils, our Foot and Heel balm softens and smooths dead skin without causing excessive peeling or revealing tender, sensitive new skin.

In addition, Foot and Heel Balm is also able to prevent dead skin buildup when used regularly. This means that after your feet have been softened and smoothed, there’s no need to continue spending $25+ for single use treatments that restart the uncomfortable cycle of extreme exfoliation!

No one likes rough, dry heels or callouses, but the choice is yours when it comes to dealing with them. Trusted, safe ingredients versus extreme hype treatments: where do your feet want to go?

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