Winter Skin Care Tips for Eczema

Source: user John Albert
Source: user John Albert

Any eczema sufferer can tell you that winter weather is eczema’s worst enemy. Decreased humidity, wind, low temperatures, rain, and central heating can all worsen eczema-prone skin. If you’re suffering from a winter flare-up of eczema, try these winter skin care tips designed especially to soothe and comfort eczema-prone skin.

Be fragrance-free
Those with eczema should always stay away from fragrances, colorants, and other additives. However, sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to all of one’s favorite lotions. If there’s ever a time to go fragrance- and colorant-free, it’s winter. Making sure all of your skin care products are pure and gentle will go a long way toward bringing comfort to eczema-prone skin.

Say no to hot water
Very hot water is extremely stripping to skin. It depletes the skin’s natural oils, which can be devastating to dry skin types. Always bathe in tepid water, and keep showers short, to help the skin retain its natural moisture. After bathing, apply your body lotion while skin is still damp to lock in hydration for even more comfort.

Plug in the humidifier
A humidifier is a must if you’re using central heating. It replaces the air’s moisture that’s lost due to heating, which allows it to be available to your skin. Even if you only run it at night while you’re sleeping, it will reduce eczema and its related discomfort.

Layer up
Dress in layers! This is for two separate but synergistic reasons. Dressing warmly and covered, complete with a scarf and gloves, will keep skin protected from harsh winter wind and temperatures. Similarly, having a cooler layer of clothes beneath will prevent sweating and overheating, two triggers for eczema itching.

Moisturize again
During summer, even some eczema-prone skin can get away with moisturizing only in the morning and evening. But, because wintertime is so much harsher on eczema skin, normal moisturizing may not be enough. To keep flare-ups at bay, be sure to keep extra moisturizer on hand for re-application whenever skin starts to feel uncomfortable.

Hopefully these winter skin care tips for eczema help to keep your skin smooth and comfortable throughout the winter months. What’s your go-to treatment for winter skin care woes?

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