How to Treat Chapped Skin

Source: user Rachel K
Source: user Rachel K

Chapped skin is one of the most common winter skin care concerns. Everything about winter — from low humidity to central heating and hot water — works against your skin’s natural lipid barrier. As the lipid barrier is stripped away, the skin becomes even more vulnerable to the elements, resulting in chapped skin.

Symptoms of chapped skin include visible dryness, stinging, sensations of skin feeling too tight, and rough texture. In extreme cases, skin may even crack and bleed. If you’re struggling to keep your skin from becoming chapped, follow these simple instructions.

  1. Reapply lotion throughout the day. During winter, it’s important to wash hands frequently to avoid flu and cold germs. However, these hand washings are a major cause of chapped skin. Similarly, people tend to bathe in hotter water during winter, which can strip the skin’s lipid layer.To counteract skin dryness caused by bathing habits, be sure to apply lotion immediately after bathing or washing hands. In addition, reapply hand lotion every time you wash your hands. While it’s not easy to reapply body lotion all day long, you can help reduce chapping by bathing in tepid — not hot — water.
  2. Wear protective clothing. Hands and lips are often the first areas to become chapped during winter. Thankfully, these two ares are very easy to protect against harsh weather! Wear gloves any time you head outside, and loosely tie a scarf around the bottom half of your face in order to protect lips without making it difficult to breathe. Wearing protective clothing will go a long way toward preventing chapped skin.
  3. Don’t stop treating after skin heals. If you’ve been treating your chapped skin and are beginning to see improvement, don’t stop! Too often, people quit using their hand lotion or rich winter face cream as soon as skin begins to return to normal. Instead, one should consider how easily their skin became chapped before, and should maintain their winter skin care regimen until weather begins to warm up again.

As you can see, with just simple steps, it’s easy to prevent and treat chapped skin. Plus, with Atopalm, chapped skin will be healed even faster, thanks to our MLE technology which perfectly replenishes the skin’s lipid layer, leading to healthier skin.

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