New Year, New You: Building a Regimen

all_updated.jpgToday’s post is the fourth installment in our New Year, New You series. If you missed out on the first three posts, be sure to give them a look! New Year, New You: Skin CleansingNew Year, New You: Moisturizing and New Year, New You: Eye Care will get you started on your brand new skin care regimen for 2014.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of cleansing, moisturizing, and eye care, let’s talk about skin care regimens. A skin care regimen is simply your skin care routine, whatever that entails. For some, it may be nothing but cleansing and moisturizing. For others, it may include multiple treatment products, eye creams, SPF, and more!

Most skin care regimens happen organically. A person begins using a product or two, adds another, and then all of a sudden they have their routine. At Atopalm, we’ve decided as part of our New Year, New You 2014 skin care makeover that we would make an effort to put thought into our regimen and create something that will give us the best possible results.

You see, not all regimens are created equal. Using a grab bag of skin care products may seem like the best option, but the truth is, some of these products may work against each other. Ingredients can cancel each other out or compete for absorbency within the skin, resulting in some of your products or active ingredients to become completely worthless.

Using a range of products from one skin care line, however, will have the opposite effect. If you build your regimen while sticking to a single skin care line, you’ll ensure that all of the skin care ingredients are compatible and meant to work together. By using only these products, each formula is able to support and even enhance the other formulas, resulting in optimal results.

Taking care to build a tailored skin care regimen will provide better results and may even save you money by reducing your need for extra skin care products. If you’re not yet ready to throw out perfectly good products in favor of building a better regimen, don’t worry; simply replace your old formulas as you run out with new products from Atopalm. Over time, you’ll have built a complete, one-line regimen without breaking the bank or wasting your old products!

If you are ready to build that regimen, now is the time! You can still save $10 off any $60+ order with code NEWYOU, plus receive free shipping within the US. Build a better regimen and save  before it’s too late — offer ends January 31, 2014.

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