How to Hide Flaky Skin

Source: user rubyblossom
Source: user rubyblossom

Dry skin is often flaky skin. This unfortunate side effect is at best obnoxious, at worst it kills self-esteem and causes people to avoid going out. If you struggle with dry and flaky skin, here are a few tips for smoothing the skin’s appearance and even improving the skin’s health to get rid of flaking!

Massage your face
Many people treat flaking with a skin care exfoliator. While we aren’t against manual exfoliation, we do understand that most people with dry, sensitive skin can’t handle forced exfoliation, so this skin care tip is a two-parter.

If you can handle exfoliators, use a very gentle alpha hydroxy acid skin care product formulated with fruit acids. This type of exfoliation product doesn’t scrub the dead skin away; instead, it gently loosens the dead skin cells, allowing them to rinse away without irritation. Follow the instructions carefully 2-4 times a month, depending on what your skin can handle. Removing those dead, flaky skin cells will drastically improve the appearance of flaking.

If you can’t handle exfoliators, simply use your normal skin care cleanser, but with one added step. Instead of slathering it on and rinsing it off, carefully massage the product into your skin with your fingertips for a full minute. This allows the face wash to penetrate deeper and loosen dead skin cells while the fingertip massage also loosens flaky skin. After a minute, rinse skin normally and say goodbye to those flakes!

Moisturize with care
Obviously, a great skin care moisturizer goes a long way toward eradicating skin flaking. Our MLE products are designed to restore and reinforce the skin’s natural lipid layer, which leads to properly moisturized skin. Once properly moisturized, most flaky skin will take on a normal, healthy, and smooth appearance — no more flaking!

Use your moisturizer every day, no exceptions. Skipping a day may allow flaking to get out of hand, plus your skin will suffer from extra pollutant exposure and lack of hydration. If you haven’t found a great moisturizer yet, you can shop our awesome selection of dry skin face creams and lotions.

Make it up
Applying makeup is where most flaky skin goes wrong. After cleansing and moisturizing, the skin may appear normal, only to have flakes arrive after makeup is applied. There are three things one can do to prevent this problem.

First, consider applying your makeup before your face lotion is completely absorbed. I know this goes against almost all makeup advice, but hear me out: by applying your makeup before your moisturizer absorbs, you won’t disturb as many skin cells. The cells that are laying nicely after cleansing and moisturizing will stay that way, leading to a smoother appearance.

Secondly, use a tinted moisturizer instead of traditional makeup. This will remove one beauty step completely, saving you time, while also ensuring that skin cells won’t become disturbed after moisturizer application. Our BB Cream is a perfect example of this — it will moisturize and calm flaky skin while camouflaging imperfections with pigment, leading to a healthy and natural appearance.

Lastly, dab makeup on instead of rubbing. Whether you use liquid or powder foundation, chances are you swipe that sucker across your face instead of gently dabbing it on. This swiping movement is the worst thing for flaky skin, as it causes dry, dead skin cells to stand on end instead of laying down. Instead, you should dab the makeup over your face and walk away. Simple, no?

One last note on makeup for dry skin: it may be hard to resist, but most sufferers of dry, flaky skin shouldn’t use powdered bronzer or blush, or shimmery makeup. These products will accentuate peeling and make it look worse than it is. You may be able to swing a cream blush, but apply it carefully and remember to dab instead of swipe!

Hopefully these skin care tips will help you to avoid a flaky appearance. Do you have a flaky skin tip that we missed? Leave a comment and let us know!

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