On-the-Go Skin Care Tips

Source: flickr.com user MowT
Source: flickr.com user MowT

For most people, summertime means fantastic (or dreaded) family reunions, camping trips, and weekend getaways! Whether your summer will take you to the beach or the woods, remember to keep your skin calm and protected with our great on-the-go skin care tips.

These simple tips and product recommendations are easy to pack, easy to use, and easy to transfer into your home regimen after your trip. We’ll make it so easy that you’d be crazy not to take your skin care with you on your next summertime jaunt!

Cleanse with Moisturizing Cleansing Wipes. These pre-saturated wipes come in a handy dandy envelope (think baby wipes) for super easy travel and storage. They’ll thoroughly cleanse the skin without the need for water, making them perfect for camping or airport bathrooms. They’ll also remove makeup, lightly moisturize, and quickly refresh tired skin — use them morning and night to keep skin comfortable and beautiful!

Moisturize with Intensive Moisturizing Cream – Travel Size. Everyone’s favorite daytime moisturizer is now available in a convenient and affordable mini tube! This formula is the absolute best moisturizer for dry skin types, as well as those with sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. It deeply moisturizes and soothes while reducing redness and preventing excessive moisture loss throughout the day. The 1.0 fluid ounce tube makes this baby plane-friendly, purse-friendly, or toiletry bag-friendly.

Protect and perfect with Atopalm BB Cream. Our BB Cream is my all-time favorite beauty care product due simply to the fact that it’s the absolute best multi-tasker! It offers an extra layer of moisture with our MLE technology. It protects against sun damage with a broad-spectrum SPF of 20. It neutralizes age-accelerating free radicals with skin care antioxidants. It supplies natural-looking color coverage to minimize the appearance of breakouts and skin imperfections. In short, it’s everything your skin needs to look and feel great! Plus, it’s available in both Light and Medium to perfectly match your skin tone.

The beauty of these three products are that they can be mixed and matched depending on where your travels take you and what your skin will need there. Take all three to ensure comprehensive care; however, if you don’t have the room, time, or money for all three, consider these options instead…

The Quick and Easy Duo in Light and Medium includes both the Moisturizing Cleansing Wipes and a BB Cream in the shade of your choice. This is my favorite combo for camping as its simplicity can’t be beat. The best news is you’ll save 20% when you purchase these two products in The Quick and Easy Duo bundle!

If a BB Cream isn’t up your alley, consider instead the Intensive Moisturizing Cream + Free Wipes duo! This limited time deal includes a full size Intensive Moisturizing Cream and a FREE pack of Moisturizing Cleansing Wipes – a $42.00 value set for only $30! The full size dry skin moisturizer may not be as convenient for travel, but at this price, how can you say no?

Happy travels!


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