Atopalm 130+

If you have dry or sensitive skin, chances are you shy away from anything describing itself as “active” or “extra strength”. While that may be a good rule of thumb most of the time, we have one exception to that rule: Atopalm 130+.

Atopalm 130+ is at once more powerful and more soothing than our flagship line. Featuring 30% more active ingredients than our classic Atopalm MLE products, Atopalm 130+ is intended for those with extremely sensitive skin types.

130+ still contains our beloved MLE, but in a higher concentration. This means that the 130+ skin care products work even harder to repair, replenish, and restrengthen the skin’s natural lipid barrier. This leads to less irritated skin that looks and feels healthier than ever.

With products for both the face and the body, Atopalm 130+ can comprise your entire skin care regimen, or you can pick and choose individual products to add a punch to your daily routine. Whichever route you choose, you can rest assured that Atopalm 130+ will soothe and support your skin like no other skin care product available today.

In addition, Atopalm 130+ can be used as a specialized treatment when your skin is feeling especially sensitive, wounded or compromised. It can even be used after certain in-office treatments to help the skin calm down and heal more efficiently.

If you’re in need of the gentlest yet effective formulations for your sensitive or dry skin, Atopalm 130+ is for you. If you’d like to learn more about Atopalm 130+, check out the Atopalm 130+ product page to read all about it!

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