Fake a Facelift with Phytoceramids

Are you looking to achieve the anti-aging skin care results of a facelift without the cost, pain, recovery, and complication risks? Believe it or not, it’s doable! You can fake a facelift at home with little to no risk of side effects, and save hundreds or thousands of dollars in the process.

How is this possible? With phytoceramides of course! Phytoceramides, also known as plant ceramids, are natural ingredients used in anti-aging skin care to gently turn back the hands of time without surgery or in-office procedures.

Phytoceramids are able to replenish the ceramides that occur naturally in your skin. You see, the cells of the outermost layer of skin are help together with skin ceramides. These ceramides are a fatty substance that work similarly to glue. Ceramides also help to keep the skin hydrated, which leads to all the characteristics of youthful skin – suppleness, elasticity, radiance, and smoothness.

As people age, ceramides are killed off thanks to poor diet, environmental aggressors, free radicals, and other forms of damage. When ceramide levels become depleted, the top layer of skin is left without its glue and its moisture protection! By age 60, most people’s top layer of skin is around 30% thinner than it was in their youth. This is where fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, dryness, and ruddiness come in.

So, what does all this mean for you and your DIY facelift? You’ve probably got it all figured out by now! When you use skin care with phytoceramides, those plant ceramides are able to replace your skin’s lost ceramides! Your cells are “re-glued” and your skin is able to maintain or even regain characteristics of youthful skin. Moisture levels are maintained. Thickness is protected. Smoothness, radiance, elasticity, and suppleness win!

Atopalm MLE (multi-lamellar emulsion) is created with phytoceramides, as well as fatty acids and good cholesterol. The reason why we used a combination of ingredients instead of just plant-derived ceramides is because this blend actually perfectly mimics the skin’s natural lipid lamellar structure. This provides superior anti-aging skin care results, as well as deep soothing and moisturizing benefits for dry skin and sensitive skin types.


If you’re curious to learn more about MLE and phytoceramides, check out our article featuring Dr. Oz: Turn Back the Clock with Phytoceramides





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