Why Facial Cleansing Counts

You’ve heard it time and again: wash your face each morning and night! But, do you know why facial cleansing counts? Here’s a look at why it’s good to wash your face, and when you should skip the soap in favor or gentler facial cleansing methods.

Reason #1: it removes the gunk.
This one is the most obvious, which is why we’re starting here! Face cleansers remove excess oils, environmental debris, dirt, leftover makeup, and dead skin cells. In the morning, washing your face rids it of any oil and dead cell buildup, as well as the remains of your night time skin care routine. It also preps the skin for your daily skin care routine, which actually helps your skin care products work better!

In the evening, face cleansing takes off makeup and the dirt and debris that build up throughout the day. It also helps to replace moisture lost throughout the day (as long as you’re using a high-quality moisturizing face wash, that is) and prepare the skin for its renewal cycle, which happens while you sleep.

Reason #2: it protects against discomfort.
Washing your face can actually help soothe and protect dry skin and sensitive skin types. Unfortunately, many people with dry, sensitive skin believe that the opposite is true, and they end up washing their face less often than is ideal.

How does skin cleansing protect against discomfort? First, it gets rid of the gunk, as seen above. If left alone, this “gunk” will greatly contribute to dry skin, irritation, uneven pigment, and more.

Then, it allows the skin to begin repairing itself without all of the dead cells, makeup, etc. interfering with its process. This means your skin can repair issues and fight free radicals all on its own!

Finally, it allows your next skin care products to absorb quickly and work better, resulting in optimized skin care performance and results.

Reason #3: its a stress reducer.
Now, this is a little-known truth about washing your face: it reduces stress, both emotionally and physically. It may sound crazy, but cleansing your skin can actually be something you look forward to!

From an emotional standpoint, routine is a known stress-reducer. Having a quiet moment to prepare your skin for the day, or wash after a long day of productivity, allows your body and mind to settle and become relaxed. Its also beneficial to set side time for yourself – just to focus on you and your own needs.

From a physical standpoint, cleansing your skin reduces the stress on your skin! When it’s not dealing with buildup from the day, or suffocating under makeup all night, your skin is able to fight free radicals and repair damage with efficiency.

Cleanse with Atopalm
At Atopalm, we believe that skin should never feel squeaky clean. That may sound crazy coming from a blog post all about cleansing skin, but it’s true! That squeaky clean feeling comes from removing too much your skin’s natural moisture, which is a major mistake for all skin types, but especially for dry and sensitive skin. cleansingfoam

Instead, our Moisturizing Cleansing Foam promises to provide all the benefits mentioned above while providing a light layer of moisture and nourishment to the skin. After washing with our best-selling cleansing foam, your skin will feel soft, smooth, supple and, most importantly, healthy.

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