Make Mornings Easier with Atopalm

Source: user Matthew Paulson
Source: user Matthew Paulson

Make mornings easier with Atopalm! Even if you’re already a morning person, everyone has those mornings when time seems to fly. Whether you wake up ready for the day, or begrudgingly roll out of bed after pressing snooze five times, Atopalm can help simplify your mornings with our Quick and Easy Duo.

The Quick and Easy Duo features two products that work together to create a two-step process that can be used alone as its own regimen, or added into any existing skin care regimen. This means you can choose to spend five minutes on your skin on rushed mornings, or slow down and pamper your skin when you have a little more time!

The Quick and Easy Duo comes with Moisturizing Cleansing Wipes and BB Cream in either Light or Medium depending on your complexion shade. Plus, when these two products are purchased together in the Quick and Easy Duo, you’ll receive 20% off retail cost!

Begin by cleansing and lightly moisturizing with the Moisturizing Cleansing Wipes. These pre-saturated wipes will remove makeup, dirt, and debris while gently moisturizing the skin. For very dry skin, it is recommended that you follow the wipes with a richer moisturizer like our Intensive Moisturizing Cream. However, all other skin types will find that the wipes and BB Cream provide enough moisture for the day.

When you apply your BB Cream, you’re actually applying moisturizer, SPFskin care antioxidants, and natural-looking pigment! This one little formula will take your cleansed skin, and transform it into skin that’s ready to face the day. It’s great for all skin types, but those with sensitive skin will especially appreciate how much it does without causing irritation.

The Quick and Easy Duo is also an ideal beginner’s skin care kit for tweens and teens. It’s simple enough for school mornings, and both products are travel-friendly and great for sleepovers and family trips!

Purchase the Quick and Easy Duo in Light or Medium now to save 20% off retail price!


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