Intensive Moisturizing Cream BOGO SALE!

BOGODUOAtopalm Intensive Moisturizing Cream is our #1 top selling product. It is truly the answer to your dry, sensitive skin‘s needs! Rich and luscious, it immediately calms and soothes irritated skin while the paraben-free formula supplies lasting hydration and comfort. For a limited time only, Intensive Moisturizing Cream is available as a buy one, get one half off duo!

Intensive Moisturizing Cream is intended for use as a daily face moisturizer, but it can also be used on extra dry areas of the body as well. It makes a great knee and elbow lotion for those with eczema, and can even be used as a diabetic foot lotion for those with extremely dry, cracked heels.

Here’s just a glimpse at what this great product can do for you:

  • Replenishes and supports natural skin lipids
  • Reinforces the skin’s natural barrier against external aggressors
  • Immediately calms and soothes sensitive skin 
  • Works well on the face and body
  • Deeply moisturizes dry skin
  • Prevents moisture loss

Intensive Moisturizing Cream is the perfect product for dry and sensitive skin, but can be used by any skin type desiring a richer skin care moisturizer. Buy Intensive Moisturizing Cream now to claim your buy one, get one half off offer! This BOGO sale won’t last long, so add yours to your cart now >>

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