Fake a Facelift with Phytoceramides and Atopalm

When fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin pop up, we know that certain procedures begin to look more appealing. It’s not fun watching our skin look older than we feel! However, the invasiveness and cost of in-office skin procedures can be scary for anyone. So, why not fake a face lift instead?

As featured by Dr. Oz, phytoceramides are a proven topical skin care ingredient that has the ability to turn back the hands of time and help restore a youthful appearance to the skin. Our young skin has natural ceramides that are damaged or lost overtime. If you restore them with phytoceramides, you’ll be able to reclaim your youthful appearance.

Atopalm MLE is created using phytoceramides, along with fatty acids and good cholesterol. The resulting ingredient is as similar to your skin’s own lipids as you can achieve, making it the ideal replacement for what your skin has lost.

Click here to read more about how phytoceramides work, and how Atopalm is using them in all our MLE products.

After you read more about how phytoceramides can improve skin, you will also have access to an exclusive deal to try our best-selling Intensive Moisturizing Cream for only $9!

If you’re looking for the ultimate anti-aging skin care with phytoceramides, try our Extreme Treat Duo.

Do you want to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles? How about replenishing moisture and supporting your skin’s barrier? What if you could also save 20% off retail price while you’re at it?

You can achieve all these things and more with our Extreme Treat Duo! Featuring Moisturizing Skin Revitalizing Complex and Moisturizing Eye Repair Serum, our Extreme Treat Duo is everything your skin needs for anti-aging health and beauty.

By ordering these two advanced products together, you’ll save 20% off retail price. Plus, you’ll qualify for free shipping on the duo and anything else you add to your order, which further saves you money!

So what are you waiting for? Turn back the hands of time and save some cash by adding Extreme Treat Duo to cart now >>

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