Korean Skin Care: Why Atopalm is #1

Did you know that Atopalm has been the #1 sensitive skin care brand in Korea for nine years and counting? Not only is this a great business accomplishment, but it’s truly an honor to be a top skin care brand for a country which is known for their high skin care standards!

Korean Beauty is its own world, where skin is respected and time is set aside to care for it. The famous 10-step Korean skin care regimen is so unlike the hurried and often harsh American routines, and we are proud that the Korean people trust us to care for their skin.

To learn more about why Atopalm is the #1 Korean skin care brand, here’s an excerpt from our Korean skin care page:

How Korean Skin Care Transforms Your Skin

By now, you’ve heard all about Korean skin care and how it’s supposed to transform your skin like nothing else can. The multi-step Korean skin care regimen touted by beauty magazines and beauty bloggers alike is said to pamper, nourish, moisturize, and protect the skin; but is it the regimen or the Korean-formulated products that create such fantastic results?
Turns out, it’s a little bit of both. While the Korean skincare routine does have some unique benefits, most of the benefits are ones you’d reap by following any strict routine to the letter. The difference between a traditional routine and the Korean routine lies mainly in how the skin is actually treated, and what the products are meant to do.”

To see why Korean skin care routines are special, and how Atopalm’s ingredients play a key role in them, visit our Korean skin care page to read the rest of our Korean skin care secrets!

You can also shop Atopalm now to browse our Korean skin care products and see our newly slashed MLE prices!

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