Dr. Oz Tells how to Fake a Facelift with Phytoceramides

dr.ozAre you a Dr. Oz fan? He may be controversial, but he sure knows his stuff when it comes to skin care and alternatives to face lifts and other invasive “anti-aging” procedures!

On one of his TV episodes, Dr. Oz explained that one can reduce visible signs of aging with a “fake facelift” accomplished with phytoceramides! Also known as plant ceramides, phytoceramides are able to replace our skin’s natural ceramides, resulting in more youthful-looking skin.

Young skin is held together with ceramides, which work as “glue” to hold your skin cells together. Ceramides are what make your skin stay hydrated, plump, and supple. As we age, those ceramides become damaged and cease to function. This is what causes visible signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles.

Plant ceramides are able to replace those lost ceramides so you can reclaim your youth — without a facelift! You can read more about how to fake a facelift using phytoceramides, and how Atopalm can help, by visiting the link below.

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