Korean Beauty Trend Spotlight: Jamsu

2016 was a big year for Korean beauty trends, from sheet masks to cushion foundation. And you can’t forget about BB Creams! But one trend to emerge late this year is gaining popularity thanks to its strange application and hit-or-miss results.

The trend? Jamsu. The word is roughly translated as diving or submerging, which gives you a little hint as to what Jamsu is all about. In a nutshell, Jamsu begins with you applying your normal skin care and base makeup products. Obviously, it’s suggested that you follow a Korean skin care routine, but any routine will do.

Some Jamsu users apply their eye shadow but save their eyeliner and brow pencil for later, while others apply all their makeup. The choice is yours! Then it’s time to start your Jamsu routine. First, you take a beauty blender or brush and gently apply an even layer of baby powder containing talc.

Now, this is where Jamsu gets a little controversial. Talc is a known carcinogen and can cause breathing issues. However, the amount of talc found in mainstream baby powders is minimal. It’s up to you if the health risks are worth the results of Jamsu!

After the baby powder is applied to your face, you’re ready for the grand finale. You’re going to plunge your face into a bowl full of cold water! Some suggest ice water, others say very cold tap water. You’ll keep your face submerged for 30 seconds, then gently pat (don’t rub!) skin dry.

If all has been done correctly, your face makeup will be set, and your skin will be smoother, softer, and more mattified than ever before. Many people say your post-Jamsu face is the perfect canvas for flawless eye makeup application. However, others day it makes their face looked and feel caked and more wrinkled than usual.

Have you tried Jamsu? Tell us about your results (and techniques!) of this kbeauty trend in the comments below!

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