Real Barrier Cleansing Foam Review

촉촉하고 부드러운 크림으로 세안하세요~!

Cleanse your face with the moist and soft Real Barrier Cleansing Foam!











촉촉한 클렌징폼!

피부장벽관리! 세안부터 시작하세요~!!

거품이 잘 안난아길래 제가 한번 내봤어욤~~

A moist cleansing foam!

Skin barrier management begins with deep cleansing~!!

For those who are unfamiliar with this creamy cleansing foam, let me show you the best way to use it~~











우선 클렌징폼을 손바닥에 짠다음~

First, squeeze some cleansing foam on your palm.











물을 조금 부어줘요

Pour some water over the cleansing foam.











그리고 비벼주면 거품이 나는데 이때 손바닥을 살짝 오목~하게 해서 비벼주면 더 잘난다는 사실!!

거품이 부족하다싶으면 한번더!! 물을 조금 부어서 비벼주면~~!!

Then, rub your hands together to produce foam. Here’s a tip for making richer lathering foam! When rubbing your hands together, slightly curve your palms instead of flattening them!!

If you think you need more foam, add a dab of water and rub again~~!!



부드럽고 생크림같은 풍성한 거품을 만날 수 있어요~ ♡

Violà!! You’ll get soft, creamy and rich foam~♡

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