How to Get Healthy Skin: Exercise

Source: user Fit Approach

We stand behind our products at Atopalm. We genuinely believe that our ingredients create the best skin care products for dry, sensitive skin. However, we also acknowledge that healthy skin doesn’t rely solely on topical skin care. Truly healthy skin comes from full-body health. It’s a lifestyle that leads to clear, beautiful skin — not just exceptional skin care.

One way to achieve a healthier body and healthier skin is to exercise regularly. We all know how important exercise is to physical and mental health, but here are three specific ways it will help you achieve healthier skin as well.

Exercise is proven to improve sleep — both the ability to fall asleep and enter into the most restful stages of sleep. Better sleep means your body is able to spend more time healing and renewing itself, including skin. Better sleep = better skin. It’s as simple as that!

Exercise, specifically aerobic/cardio exercise, boosts your oxygen levels. That’s how your skin gets that gorgeous glow after working out! More important that simply looking more beautiful, though, higher oxygen levels allows the body to product more collagen, which is what keeps your skin firm, elastic, and supple. Exercise actually promotes a more youthful appearance!

Perhaps the most important (for skin) result of exercise is increased circulation. Circulation is key when it comes to healthy skin! Increased circulation means better nourishment, as well as more efficient removal of toxins, oils, and dirt from your pores via sweat. It’s a great way to slowly but surely heal acne-prone skin.

If you do have acne, don’t shy away from sweat-inducing exercise! That sweat is pushing out the “bad stuff” and giving your skin a chance to heal. Simply be sure to shower ASAP after exercise, and follow your regular skin care routine after that unless otherwise directed by your dermatologist.

So now you have one more great reason to exercise regularly. Join us this year in renewing our skin from the inside out by choosing to lead a healthy lifestyle!

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