Korean Beauty Real Barrier Cleanser Review

약산성클렌져치고 거품도 잘나고 순하면서 보습력도 좋아요

This low pH cleanser is gentle, moisturizing, and lathers well.

보통 약산성클렌져는 거품내기 힘들어서 거품내다가 다시 손씻고

새로 거품낸 적이 많은데

Usually, it is very hard to lather low pH cleansers that I would often have to wash my hands and lather again.

리얼베리어 크림 클렌징폼은 물만 발라도 거품도 잘나고

보습력이 좋아서 세안 후에도 당김이 심하지 않아여!

However, Real Barrier Cream Cleansing Foam foams up nicely with just a drop of water and its great moisturizing effect does not leave the face feeling tight after cleansing!

세안 할때도 보습력 좋은 세안제로하니깐 유수분밸런스도 더 잘맞아져서

좁쌀여드름도 줄어든 거 같아여~

Using a cleanser with moisturizing effect has helped balance the oiliness of my skin that even my breakouts have subsided.

Review originally featured here: http://www.neopharmshop.co.kr/main/detail_reviewpop.asp?guid=24508

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