Real Barrier Cream Cleansing Foam Korean Beauty Review

세안후에도 당김없이 촉촉한 리얼베리어 크림 클렌징 폼 ! 사용해보니 달랐어요!

Real Barrier Cream Cleansing Foam that leaves the skin moisturized without any tightness! It really is different!

여러 브랜드의 클렌징 제품들을 많이 사용해보았지만 세안후 건조함은 항상 있더라구요 
그래서 리얼베리어의 클렌징 제품이 더 기대되는 점 중에 하나였어요

I’ve tried cleansing products from various brands but my face always felt dry afterwards, which was why I looked forward to using Real Barrier’s cleansing product.

클렌징 제품임에도 불구하고 제형 자체가 크림 처럼 부드러웠어요 
기존 클렌징 제품의 퍽퍽한 느낌이 없었다는?
크림같이 부드럽고 쫀쫀한 타입에 비누향이 좋았어요 
리얼베리어만의 향기가 느껴졌다는!

Even though it is a cleansing product, the product has a soft, cream-like consistency.

It doesn’t have that dry consistency of other cleansing products.

I liked its soft and dense cream-like formula and soap scent.

I felt the unique scent of Real Barrier!

클렌징 폼 이용해서 매일 아침 저녁 3주동안 사용해보았는데요 
요즘 너무 잦은 야근과 지쳐있는 피부 상태 ㅠㅠ
 민감해질때로 민감해진 피부에 
클렌징 폼 바꾸는게 쉽진 않았지만 바꾸길 잘한것 같다고 생각들었어요

I tried the cleansing foam every morning and evening for three weeks.

My skin has not been in good shape lately due to frequent night shifts.

It wasn’t easy changing my routine when my skin was so sensitive, but I’m glad I did.

부드럽게 세안되는 느낌도 좋았고
제일 좋았던 점은 사용하면서도 자극이 없는 점!
그리고 세안후에 신기하게도 피부 당김이 없더라구요!!!
I liked how gentle it felt when cleansing.

The best part was that my sensitive face was not irritated at all while cleansing!

I felt absolutely no dryness or tightness to my skin afterwards.

I was honestly surprised!!
촉촉함에 놀라고 또한 이런 제품들이라면 세정력이 떨어지지 않을까 걱정했지만
화장을 지우더라도 화장+노폐물까지 말끔히 씻어내주기에 
따로 다른 클렌징 제품이랑 겸해서 사용하지 않아도 되겠더라구요 
Surprised by how moisturizing it felt, I was worried that these sort of products might not be as cleansing as others. However, it got rid of all the makeup and other residue and I didn’t have to use it with other cleansing products.
기특한 아이일세!

I must say this product is a find!
민감피부에 씻고나서 바르는 제품들도 중요하지만
클렌징 제품도 선택하는게 중요하다는걸 아는 순간이였어요
I realized that, for sensitive skin, choosing the right cleansing product is as important as applying good products after cleansing.

민감한 피부 가지신분이라면 
강한 세정력을 가진 클렌징 제품이 아닌 저자극 약산성 세안제 사용하시길 추천드려요!
저도 리얼베리어 크림 클렌징 폼 사용하면서 많이 느꼈답니다!

If you have sensitive skin, I recommend that you use a gentle cleanser with a low pH instead of using a strong cleanser.

Real Barrier Cream Cleansing Foam changed my cleansing experience!

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