Real Barrier Three-Calming Complex

ATOPALM Real Barrier is known and loved for its wide range of deeply moisturizing and restorative products. But did you know that what really sets Real Barrier apart is its Three-Calming Complex?

Real Barrier Three-Calming Complex is an expertly balanced blend of (you guessed it) three ingredients chosen for their soothing, nourishing, healing, and moisturizing qualities.

Used alongside MLE, the Three-Calming Complex is able to nourish and restore skin like nothing else. Here’s a look at all three and why they were chosen as part of this exclusive blend:

  • Panthenol, also known as provitamin B5 is an efficient moisturizer that is especially beneficial because of its ability to penetrate the top layer of skin. It also boosts wound healing, which makes it an excellent choice for those with painful skin conditions like chronic acneand eczema.
  • Allantoin is a plant-sourced ingredient used primarily for its moisturizing and soothing benefits, though it has other beneficial qualities like boosting the water content of cellsincreasing skin smoothness, and promoting wound healing. These actions combined with its known gentleness make allantoin the perfect choice for ATOPALM skin care.
  • Madecassoside, also known as Gota Kola, is a healing ingredient derived from the plant Centella asiatica, which has been used in medicinal compounds for over 2,000 years. It provides proven skin-healing and anti-aging benefits with actions that include regulating inflammation, increasing collagen production, and slowing the breakdown of the skin’s framework.

While all ATOPALM products boast skin restoration thanks to MLE, the Three-Calming Complex truly takes this mentality to another level. Shop Real Barrier now to see what the Three-Calming Complex can do for your skin.

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