Top Three Anti-Aging Korean Skin Care Products


Many of our products offer anti-aging benefits, but we’ll admit to having a few favorites when it comes to creating an anti-aging skin care regimen. Here’s a look at our top three K-Beauty products for anti-aging skin care. Each one works in a different way to diminish visible signs of aging while replenishing the skin’s natural lipid layer.




Real Barrier Extreme Cream utilizes MLE and hyaluronic acid to deeply replenish moisture and restore comfort while the anti-aging ingredient Idealift works to firm sagging skin.

The Real Barrier Three-Calming Complex is also included to reduce signs of skin stress or irritation.



Real Barrier Extreme Cream Mask perfectly compliments Extreme Cream. It uses dual ceramides and hyaluronic acid combine to provide long-lasting hydration to the skin while vitamin E conditions skin and provides anti-aging antioxidant protection against external damage. Think of it as an Extreme Cream supercharge that will revitalize aging skin in a snap.




Moisturizing Eye Repair Serum is a lightweight yet deeply replenishing eye area serum that is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and fine lines around the eye area.

K6PC5, a firming and smoothing activator, provides extreme anti-aging actions in a formula specially designed for the delicate eye area. Additionally, vitamin E heals and protects with antioxidants while MLE deeply moisturizes and supports the skin’s natural structure.

Add all three to your daily skin care regimen to target visible signs of aging and regain a healthy, youthful glow.

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