Skin Care for Kids

When it comes to caring for the skin of babies and children, many parents are reluctant to try different formulas on their child for fear of causing a reaction or using something too harsh. This is especially true of parents whose children suffer from dry skin conditions like eczema or sensitive skin conditions like baby acne.

With ATOPALM, any parent can rest assured that their child is not only receiving the most gentle skin care possible, but also the most restorative. Our flagship product, Intensive Moisturizing Cream, was originally formulated to treat the atopic dermatitis (aka eczema) of our founder’s own sons. Today, the very same formulation can be purchased to treat the skin care needs of baby and children around the world.

Our star ingredient, Multi-Lamellar Emulsion, is exceedingly gentle while working efficiently to repair the skin’s own lipid layer. This allows the skin to function healthfully and repair baby skin conditions without fear of reaction or discomfort.

Skin Care Regimen for Babies

Many parents like to bathe their baby on a daily basis to keep skin fresh and pure. Unless your doctor recommends this, it’s actually not best for baby’s skin, especially if your little one suffers from dry or sensitive skin conditions. Rather, here is our recommended daily skin care routine for your little one:

  1. Gently dry overly moist areas throughout the day. This includes the folds of the neck, which can become overly moist due to baby’s saliva, breastmilk, formula, or spit up. Using a soft infant wash cloth to dab (not rub) away excess moisture will help prevent irritation from forming.
  2. Apply Intensive Moisturizing Cream over the face and body, or use to spot treat problem areas. Depending on your baby’s skin, you may find that using our rich MLE cream only on areas of dryness is all that’s necessary. For babies with very dry skin, it’s best to apply Intensive Moisturizing Cream over the entire area, sparing the diaper area and eye area.
  3. Bathe baby in tepid water using a soap-free cleanser every 3 days. This will prevent over-drying of the skin, and allow your baby’s skin to replenish moisture naturally without fear of stripping away the body’s natural defenses against over-drying.

By keeping your baby’s skin care regimen simple, you’ll ensure that your little one’s skin is as comfortable and healthy as possible. Always remember to talk with your pediatrician before starting a new routine of any kind, including applying Intensive Moisturizing Cream. While we stand behind the gentleness and efficacy of Intensive Moisturizing Cream, only you and your child’s doctor know what’s best for your baby.

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