Anti-Aging Skin Care Through Moisture

Source: user americanvirus

Did you know that properly moisturizing is one of the best and easiest ways to combat visible signs of aging? Moisture not only helps diminish the appearance of current fine lines and wrinkles, it will also help prevent more from forming!

Youthful skin is naturally plump and supple. As we lose these traits, visible signs of aging — like fine lines and wrinkles — begin to appear. By helping the skin return to a youthful tone and texture, those signs of aging will blur, and skin will once again appear smooth and supple.

ATOPALM is known for our multi-lamellar emulsion, or MLE. This revolutionary ingredient mimics the skin’s natural lipid layer, which allows the skin to regain healthy moisture levels and protective functions.

MLE is a uniquely effective way to moisturize skin, and also one of the best ways to achieve anti-aging through moisturization. Once skin is thoroughly moisturized, it regains a natural plumpness and smoothness that appears younger and healthier. Forget fillers and expensive in-office skin care treatments — target visible signs of aging through MLE moisture first and be amazed by your results.

ATOPALM 130+ is formulated with 30% more active ingredients than our classic line. That means 30% more MLE moisture to target visible signs of aging and restore a youthful, healthy plumpness and radiance to the skin.

Shop ATOPALM 130+ today for deeply moisturized skin that looks and feels younger.

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