Perfect Daily Skin Care Steps with Zita Vass

Did you know that following the same skin care regimen every day will yield the best results? Using the same products in the same order on a daily basis will help your skin remain nourished, protected, and moisturized 24 hours a day, plus there are benefits to the actual ritual of following a set routine.

Following the same steps each day will help your routine feel faster and easier than ever. Your skin care routine should never feel like a chore! Thinking of it as more of a ritual will remind you that skin care is self care, and the application of your products can be so much more than just putting on a cream. In fact, K-Beauty was inspired by truly caring for your whole self, not just your skin.

As you apply your morning and evening skin care products, take a moment to just breathe and relax. You can create a spa-like atmosphere in your own home by simply setting aside those moments as a time to center yourself. You can say a mantra, count your blessings, recite a favorite inspirational quote, pray, or quiet your mind in a moment of meditation.

If you’re unsure about how to create your own skin care regimen, we worked with Zita Vass to put together two rituals for our customers: the Real Barrier Morning Routine and the Real Barrier Nighttime Routine. These routines are meant to deeply moisturize and revitalize the skin while taking the guesswork out of morning and evening skin care.

Not only are these regimens the perfect way to follow a daily routine, they’re available as a special low price! When you purchase the products together as part of a morning or evening bundle, you’ll save a whopping 40% off retail price plus earn free shipping! That’s a savings of almost $100!

Save 40% Now

The Real Barrier Morning Routine includes:

Step 5: Extreme Cream
OUR PRICE: $108.60

OUR PRICE: $74.40

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