Eczema Awareness Month with ATOPALM

Eczema sufferers see flare-ups all year long, but fall and winter throw some extra eczema triggers into the mix. If you’re seeing increased eczema during colder months, follow our simple eczema tips for keeping your skin healthy and comfortable all season long.

Cool Off
Heaters and hot water can worsen eczema flare-ups. Whether you’re cranking up the heat in your car or using a space heater under your desk, or you’re warming up in a hot shower, excessive heat will over-dry the skin and can make the itching, burning, and dryness of eczema even worse.

When it comes to bathing, think tepid rather than hot. It may not provide that immediate sense of warm comfort, but your skin will be so much more comfortable that it’s worth the tradeoff. Likewise, use heavier clothing and blankets instead of cranking the heat. Not only will your skin feel better, but you’ll save on utilities costs!

Drink Up
Your natural thirst helps you meet your water intake goals during spring and summer, but it’s just as important to meet your daily water goals during cooler months—especially if you have dry skin that’s prone to eczema.

It’s wise to get at least 64-ounces of water per day. You can also hydrate with other liquids like tea, milk, juice, and even coffee, but nothing does the trick for your body and skin just like pure H2O.

ATOPALM isn’t just great skin care for eczema-prone skin—eczema actually acted as the catalyst of ATOPALM. Our founder, Dr. Park, formulated Intensive Moisturizing Cream to treat his infant son’s persistent eczema.

Intensive Moisturizing Cream prevents the over-evaporation of moisture while other soothing ingredients actually provide moisture, leading to the comprehensive care of the skin. It calms and comforts skin immediately upon application, and provides long-lasting moisture that promises visible improvement of conditions like eczema.

Haven’t tried it yet? See the Intensive Moisturizing Cream difference yourself today, and save nearly 40% off this best-selling product!

Following these very easy steps will go a long way toward keeping eczema-prone skin happy and healthy all season long.

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