The Five Body Parts That Reveal Your Age

Even if you stay out of the sun, drink enough water, and take your daily vitamins, your skin will one day betray you and begin to show your age. While everyone shows age differently, there are five key areas that tend to show age before anything else. Read on to learn about these target areas, and how you can curb the appearance of aging with ATOPALM.

Each of the following areas show age earlier for a few simple reasons. First, they each have thinner or more delicate skin than other areas. Secondly, the skin is used or stretched extensively every day. Finally, these areas tend to become dehydrated or damaged more easily.

Here’s a breakdown of these “aging hot spots” and how you can turn back the clock (at least visually) with ATOPALM.

Hands often reveal our age before anything else! Since they are always exposed to the elements and undergo a lot of washings, hands tend to take on an older appearance well before the rest of your skin. Our Moisturizing Hand Treatment deeply moisturizes and replenishes the skin on the hands to help reduce the appearance of aging and keep skin from showing signs of damage in the future.

Face fine lines and wrinkles are classic signs of aging, along with sun spots that grow over time. If you tanned as a teen, you’re even more likely to look older than you are, as prolonged sun exposure damages skin more than almost anything else. Using our Moisturizing Skin Revitalizing Complex will help smooth away fine lines and wrinkles while brightening and smoothing the skin’s appearance.

Eyes are the windows to the soul—and also traitors when it comes to giving away your age! While the face as a whole is a common area that shows visible signs of aging first, the eyes are an even more magnified version of that. Fine lines in the shape of crow’s feet creep in as early as your 20’s and only deepen as you age. Moisturizing Eye Repair Serum aims to reduce the appearance of aging in the eye area in as little as 8 weeks of regular use.

Neck aging is a real concern—just ask Nora Ephron who christened an entire book after her aging neck! Sagging skin is the culprit here, which can be combated using our Real Barrier Extreme Cream, which also features a rich dose of MLE to restore and support the skin’s natural barrier. Extreme Cream is designed to lift and repair the skin for a firmer and more youthful appearance.

Elbows are the surprise on this list. Have you ever compared a youthful elbow to that of an elder individual? You’d be surprised by how much elbows age a person! Real Barrier Extreme Body Oil is the savior here. This brand-new product is formulated with only the purest oils to deeply moisturize and restore skin while imparting a healthy glow that is synonymous with the appearance of youthful skin.

Now that you know which areas of the body are more prone to giving away your age, you can take action today to help prevent signs of aging! All of the products mentioned above are great for diminishing the appearance of “age tells” but they can also prevent things like fine lines and wrinkles from appearing too early.

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