Everyone, Wash Your Face

You’ve heard it 1,000 times: wash your face before bed. But, why? What actually happens when you don’t cleanse away the cares of the day? Here’s a look at what will (or, in some cases, won’t) happen when you go to bed with a dirty face.

Your skin won’t be able to to fully renew itself. Nighttime is when your skin—along with the rest of your body—renews, repairs, and refreshes itself. But when you leave a layer of dirt, sweat, and makeup on your face, your skin is not able to efficiently function properly. This means that damage is not healed as well, moisture levels are not naturally balanced, and more.

Your skin will face more breakouts and enlarged pores. By leaving your face covered by a layer of debris, you are at an increased risk for clogged pores. This leads to breakouts, pores that appear larger, and an imbalance in oil production. As the cycle continues, the skin is less and less able to repair itself at night, leaving you with a rough skin texture and regular breakouts.

Your skin won’t get maximum results from skin care. For those who apply a moisturizer over unwashed skin, or even those who cleanse in the morning but not at night, your skin won’t be able to get the most out of your skin care. Clean skin is step #1 in any skin care routine, not just because it’s good for your skin on its own, but because it actually prepares the skin for maximum ingredient absorption.

Your skin will appear to age faster. One of the main functions of nighttime skin repair is to reduce the inflammation and damage that causes premature visible signs of aging. The damage that leads to wrinkles, uneven skin tone, rough skin texture and more will be left unchecked, resulting in skin that looks (and feels) older than it should.

Washing your face before you sleep is a simple and important step toward healthy, beautiful skin. Rather than dreading or avoiding it altogether, take your pre-bedtime skin care routine as an opportunity to calm your mind, pamper your skin, and enjoy a few moments of stillness before you head to bed and begin a new day tomorrow.

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