The Heroes of Korean Skin Care

At ATOPALM, we are passionate about skin care. We believe that healthy skin is beautiful skin, and that skin health begins with the lipid layer of the skin. That’s why our MLE products begin with healing and supporting the lipid layer before moving on to add moisture, soothe irritation, diminish redness, and encourage wound healing.

While each of our products promise the previously mentioned actions and more, there are two products that stand out as the ATOPALM hero products. These two moisturizing creams are best-sellers all over the world, beloved for their efficiency, ease of use, and just plain luxurious textures. Here’s a look at our two featured hero products:

Intensive Moisturizing Cream is the product that started it all. With a rich dose of MLE and an ultra gentle formulation, it’s the perfect introduction to the ATOPALM brand.

Intensive Moisturizing Cream is also our most-recommended product for use on children and is as effective on the body as it is on the face.


Real Barrier Extreme Cream utilizes MLE and hyaluronic acid to deeply replenish moisture and restore comfort while the anti-aging ingredient Idealift works to firm sagging skin.

The Real Barrier Three-Calming Complex is also included to reduce signs of skin stress or irritation. It’s a hardworking cream that will leave skin healthier than ever!

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