Finding the Right Korean Skin Care Cleanser

When choosing your Korean skin care cleanser, there’s more to consider than just texture preference or price. Here’s a quick look at a few questions to ask yourself before buying your next face wash!

What is your skin type? While ATOPALM prides itself on being a versatile choice for all skin types, we do feature specific ingredients and textures designed to cater more toward certain skin types. Taking your skin type into consideration will make a big difference when you shop for cleansers since it sets the foundation for the rest of your skin care routine.

Normal to oily skin types will benefit from the moisture and nourishment of foaming cleansers, while dry skin types could lean toward foam or need an oil-based cleanser. Some extremely sensitive skin types may be more likely to feel stripped or irritated by tap water, so a waterless cleanser is the perfect choice. (Waterless cleansers also make a great on-the-go choice for all skin types!)

Do you wear makeup? Removing makeup at the end of the day is one of the most important steps toward improving the health and beauty of skin. The skin renews and heals at night, and leaving makeup (not to mention a day’s worth of dirt, debris, and old sebum) on the skin inhibits its natural renewal process.

Removing makeup doesn’t have to be a chore; instead, think of it as a step in your daily self care. Wipe away the cares of the day while you wipe away your makeup. If you don’t wear makeup, choose your evening skin cleanser based on your skin type and its needs. If you do wear makeup, add our oil-based cleanser to your routine as your makeup remover, whether or not you use it as your main cleanser. It will help remove makeup gently and thoroughly. Then follow it with your Korean skin care cleanser of choice.

What’s your cleansing style? Some of us are quick to cleanse; others let their cleanser sit before removing. Believe it or not, some formulas work better for certain styles of cleansing.

If you need quick cleansing, our waterless cleanser is the right choice for you. It doesn’t even require rinsing! For those who want a let-it-soak experience, our rich foaming cleansers provide a spa-like experience and a great clean.

No matter which cleanser you choose, you can rest assured knowing you’re promised irritation-free care from ATOPALM.

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