Rosacea Awareness Month: Rosacea Care Tips

April is rosacea awareness month, and we want to observe it by bringing you the best rosacea skin care tips and rosacea lifestyle tips we’ve gathered in our years as a leading sensitive skin care brand.

If you suffer from rosacea, you know how uncomfortable—and embarrassing—flare-ups can be. Redness, inflammation, burning, and breakouts are just a few of the symptoms of rosacea. While we, as a best-selling Korean skin care line, believe in the power of topical skin care, we also know that it’s important to tackle skin care issues through diet and lifestyle as well.

Here are some of our must-know rosacea care tips that can all be accomplished without certain skin care products. These are the basics of rosacea care; if you haven’t already implemented them, start today!

Many people choose water that is far too hot when they take a bath or a shower. While hot water may feel soothing, it actually strips away your skin’s protective moisture barrier, leaving it feeling dry and tight. Instead, bathe in tepid (comfortably warm) water, and aim to spend only a little time under the water. Use soap-free cleansers, and gently pat skin dry rather than rubbing it with your towel.

Rosacea-prone skin
is extremely affected by the weather. Hot days bring about flare-ups, but so do harsh winter winds. What’s the answer? Avoid spending too much time in weather extremes. If you must venture out, physically protect skin with clothing and sunglasses. In winter, use a scarf around your face to protect it from icy temperatures. In summer, choose shady outdoor areas, and use a gentle SPF product, hats, sunglasses, and light layers of clothing. If overheating is inevitable, have a cool down plan in place—ice water, a cool shower, or even a cool damp wash cloth can all help stop a flare-up in its tracks.

Diet is a huge issue when it comes to rosacea. Many people experience flare-ups after drinking alcohol (especially red wine) or eating spicy foods, but rosacea symptoms can also be caused by mild foods a person is especially sensitive to. When targeting rosacea through diet, the trick is to know your personal triggers and avoid them. This is easier said than done; however, the payoff is huge. Once you know which food and drinks to stay away from, you’ll begin experiencing fewer flare-ups in general, leading to a calmer and more comfortable complexion.

What are your go-to rosacea tips and tricks? Share them in the comments below so other rosacea sufferers can benefit from your knowledge!

One thought on “Rosacea Awareness Month: Rosacea Care Tips

  1. I love your tip about avoiding hot water when bathing to prevent the skin to dry out. This is something that I will try to be more conscious of as I try to deal with rosacea. I will definitely keep myself open to any new options that will help be improve my skin condition.

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