Rosacea Awareness Month: Quick Tips for Rosacea Flares

It’s a warm spring evening, and you’re out with friends. Suddenly, you feel that familiar sensation—warm, flushed cheeks. A subtle itching that you know will increase. Perhaps even stinging across the bridge of your nose. A rosacea flare-up is beginning.

Rosacea flares can be annoying, embarrassing, physically uncomfortable, and can actually worsen rosacea in future flare-ups. But you’re not helpless! Here are a few quick tips for rosacea flares that you can turn to whether you’re out on the town, sitting at your desk, or binge watching your favorite show at home.

Stop Triggering
Rosacea flare-ups are caused by triggers, which are different for everyone. You need to speak with your dermatologist to help determine your unique triggers, but here is a list of common rosacea triggers:

  • Heat
  • Exercise
  • Alcohol
  • Some medication
  • Spicy food
  • Stress
  • Some skin or hair care products
  • Sunlight
  • Some makeup
  • Wind
  • Cold

These triggers range from easy to avoid (i.e. not drinking) to impossible to avoid (i.e. stress and sunlight) but all can be helped by knowing what your triggers are and how to combat them.

Continued or repeated exposure to your rosacea triggers will, surprise surprise, result in continued or repeated rosacea flare-ups. Every time your skin experiences a rosacea flare, it increases your risk of increased or permanent redness, worsened symptoms, and skin thickening. Knowing your triggers is key to maintaining happy, healthy rosacea-prone skin.

In the event of a triggered flare-up, ask yourself if you can stop the trigger. If you’re drinking or eating a trigger, that’s easy enough to do. However, if you are stressed, unable to get out of the sun or wind, or wearing new makeup that you think may be the culprit, you may need to turn to the next rosacea trigger tips.

Don’t Panic
As mentioned above, stress is a very common rosacea trigger. Ironically, rosacea flare-ups tend to cause stress. So…don’t stress? Easier said than done!

What you can do is have a mantra or quote that helps you relax. Something like, “I am in control of my emotions.” or “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” – William James

Centering your thoughts will help you calm down while you choose your next steps in reducing your rosacea flare-up.

Cool Down
Grab a wash cloth or paper towel, dampen it, and gently wave it through the air to cool the water. If you’re preserving your makeup, you can actually just wave the cloth through the air in front of your face to make a cool breeze, but that might not cool your skin enough.

The best bet is to gently press—don’t rub—the cloth or towel against your skin. If you feel the moisture starting to get warm, swing your cloth through the air a few more times.

Cooling your skin will help reduce redness, flushing, and even itching. It won’t banish the flare-up all on its own, but it’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to diminish the appearance of rosacea.

Rinse Off
This rosacea skin care tip won’t always be an option, but it is a great one when you have it available to you! If your flare was triggered by something external or topical—say, makeup or extreme heat—taking a cool shower is your best bet. It combines the previous tip of cooling down with rinsing off anything physical that may be worsening your rosacea.

Remember to keep the water cool. This will reduce your core temperature, which is an even more effective way of cooling down than the damp wash cloth trip. When you get out, pat yourself dry. Don’t rub your skin with your towel! Rubbing skin is actually extremely damaging to it and could easily worsen your flare-up.

After rinsing off, apply your rosacea skin care. Our Aqua Soothing Gel Cream is the perfect product to use in this case, as it cools upon application and provides skin with the soothing, moisturizing, and restorative ingredients it needs.

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