Rosacea Awareness Month: Panthenol Rosacea Care

When it comes to rosacea skin care, rosacea sufferers often see the same skin care ingredients over and over again. One ingredient that doesn’t get enough praise as a rosacea symptom treatment is panthenol, otherwise known as pro-vitamin B5.

Panthenol is a wonder ingredient in both skin care and hair care. In fact, most people who’ve heard of it are most familiar with its use in particular shampoos and conditioners. But panthenol is so much more than “just” a hair vitamin. Read on to learn how it can help your rosacea symptoms.

  1. Itching is one of the most common symptoms of rosacea. Panthenol helps to combat itching by topically soothing skin while deeply moisturizing. Panthenol is able to penetrate deep into the lower skin cells and be absorbed in order to turn into pantothenic acid, aka vitamin B5. Vitamin B5 then adds essential moisture to skin, thereby reducing dryness-related feelings of itching or stinging.
  2. Cell recovery is important for all skin types, but rosacea especially benefits from healthy cell turnover as it helps avoid skin thickening. Panthenol supports the healing process of the skin by assisting in the production of new skin cells. These functions also help to reduce inflammation, another common issue seen in rosacea-prone skin.
  3. Acne breakouts are often a complaint of those with rosacea. Panthenol is an effective blemish-fighter thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Because it is absorbed so deeply within the skin, it helps prevent and heal acne breakouts from within.


In addition to all these benefits, skin care panthenol is an extremely gentle ingredient that won’t worsen rosacea symptoms or upset sensitive skin in general. If you’re ready to add panthenol to your rosacea-fighting arsenal, check out ATOPALM 130+ Concentrated Intensive Facial Moisturizer with Panthenol.

Our ATOPALM 130+ line features our highest concentration of ATOPALM MLE, the ingredient we’re known for. MLE perfectly mimics the skin’s natural lipid layer, allowing you to replenish this important function of the skin to restore health and beauty. In addition to MLE, Concentrated Intensive Facial Moisturizer with Panthenol utilizes panthenol to reduce itching, inflammation, dry patches, and blemishes.

Try Concentrated Intensive Facial Moisturizer with Panthenol today and see the difference in your rosacea-prone skin.

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