Cooling Skin Care Tips

As summer heats up, it’s a good idea to have some skin care tips for cooling skin during hot days. These hot skin care tips are especially essential if you suffer from rosacea or another skin condition that is worsened by heat.

When you’re feeling flushed or your skin just needs a breather, here are some ideas for cooling skin quickly and keeping it comfortable.

Use a damp wash cloth. Wet a wash cloth, squeeze out the excess water, and then gently swing it through the air. This action quickly cools the cloth down to a temperature that will feel downright cold, but it is extremely refreshing on a hot day! It’s a great way to revive hot skin, calm flushing, and reduce skin redness. It may also help reduce the appearance of inflamed blemishes and puffy eyes!

Stay hydrated. Making sure to hydrate yourself internally actually goes a long way to keeping your skin—and the rest of your body—from overheating. While it used to be recommended that adults get around eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day, some experts are acknowledging that the recommendations should differ for men and women while also taking weight into account. Here’s a look at some of the most popular ways to determine how much water you should drink in a day:

  • Drink between half an ounce and one once of water for each pound
  • Drink exactly half your body weight in ounces
  • Women drink 96 ounces of water, men drink 120 ounces of water
  • Multiply your weight by 67% to find the number of ounces you should drink per day
  • Add 12 ounces of water for every 30 minutes you exercise

As you can see, recommendations differ greatly. One thing we can all agree on is you should satisfy your thirst with water, drink more water when you work out, and likewise up your water intake when the weather gets hotter.

Use Real Barrier Aqua Soothing. This special cooling skin care range is perfect for summer months. The extra lightweight textures and cooling-upon-application sensation is ideal for summertime and beyond.

Our ATOPALM Real Barrier Aqua Soothing line features five forms of hyaluronic acid to deeply replenish hydration levels while soothing feelings of dryness and discomfort. All of this hydration comes on top of ATOPALM MLE, which reinforces the skin’s barrier from within.

Each formula cools skin upon application, which feels refreshing and revitalizing after a hot day! It’s a great choice for those with rosacea or any skin type that flushes or gets red easily.

Following these summer skin care tips will yield great results with minimal effort. Skin care during summer doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does have to help you keep your cool!

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