Remove Eye Makeup the Korean Beauty Way

When it comes to Korean skin care aka K-beauty, gentleness and care are key. Pretty much everything that has to do with Korean beauty is based on treating the skin with true care and respect. Your skin is, after all, your largest organ and is responsible for so many things that keep your entire body happy and healthy. It deserves your respect!

Even if you apply your skin care and makeup with care, chances are that when it’s time to remove those products, you don’t take as much care during the process. Maybe you hate washing your face. Maybe you feel that scrubbing away eye makeup is enough. Maybe you don’t do any of that and let your skin suffer all night long.

If any of these skin care pitfalls sound familiar, we’re here to inspire you to treat your skin differently. Removing your makeup and day-old skin care is just as important as applying it. Here’s a look at how to properly and gently remove eye makeup and purify skin before bed and before your nightly skin care routine.



Cleanse eye makeup away with Real Barrier Cleansing Water. This product will clean away eye makeup, but can also be used on the rest of the face for a super easy makeup removing routine. The benefit of Cleansing Water is that it gently purifies, whereas many mainstream eye makeup removers contain alcohol and other harsh ingredients that can irritate and over-dry the delicate skin around the eyes.

When using Cleansing Water as your eye makeup remover, apply the product to a cotton pad and press it into the eye area for a few moments. Then gently move the pad in circles over the eye area, taking care to cleanse the under-eye area as makeup falls beneath the eyes. After the eye area is cleansed, you can apply more Cleansing Water to a fresh cotton pad for the rest of the face, or turn to one of our other cleansers for full-face cleansing.


Removing makeup and cleansing skin at the end of the day doesn’t have to feel like a chore. When you take the time to pamper and truly care for your skin, you’ll find that the entire experience becomes a way to relax and reflect before heading to bed.

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