Bug Bite Skin Care

Summer is a great time for traveling, camping, water fun, and…bug bites. When you head out to play, so do those bugs, and some of them view you as a tasty treat. If a bug or two got to you, care for your itchy, inflamed skin with ATOPALM Cicarelief Cream.

Cicarelief features calamine, a longtime go-to treatment for everything itchy and irritating. Calamine helps soothe redness, inflammation and itchiness while Cicarelief’s other ingredients, including MLE, work on repairing and comforting skin. The result is near-immediate relief from some of the more irritating effects of a bug bite.

In addition to being a great topical answer to bug bite irritation, Cicarelief Cream also helps relieve symptoms of poison oak and poison ivy, as well as mild sun-related irritation. It can be used on acne blemishes and rosacea flare-ups, making it a versatile product to have in your possession.

If you fear that you’ve been bitten by a venomous spider or are having an allergic reaction, seek medical care. Calamine is only intended for soothing mild bug bite irritation.

If you’re looking for more calamine care, look no further than our entire Cicarelief range. In addition to Cicarelief Cream, we offer three more calamine-based formulas in order to treat seasonal concerns like bug bites, as well as ongoing skin conditions like acne and rosacea. Cicarelief still features the ingredients we’re known for, such as MLE, with the addition of calamine for topical irritation relief.

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