Introducing DermArtOlogy

From Dr. Raymond Labs, the Korean skin care laboratory behind ATOPALM and Real Barrier, comes a new K-beauty shopping experience:

Featuring five Korean skin care lines including ATOPALM and Real Barrier, DermArtOlogy is a great shopping option for those who want to purchase their ATOPALM and Real Barrier products alongside other leading Korean skin care products.

Here’s a look at what you’ll find on


DermArtOlogy features all of  the classic ATOPALM MLE products, as well as the new ATOPALM Maternity line. You’ll find all your favorites and be able to order them alongside new-to-you South Korean skin care lines.

Real Barrier
In addition to the above two lines, DermArtOlogy also carries ATOPALM Real Barrier, our best-selling range which includes Aqua Soothing, Cicarelief, and Control-T products.

is an advanced skin care line that focuses on recovering the three layers of the skin barrier. It accomplishes this by providing prebiotics and probiotics to balance the skin’s microbiome while working with botanicals to deeply nourish and support the skin.

Finallypatented NEUROMIDE® works with the body’s endocannabinoid system to reduce skin problems while increasing ceramide synthesis—the building blocks that make skin smoother, more hydrated, and free of redness and inflammation.

Featured in Hong Kong’s exclusive store Bonjour, LaStella is a high-end Korean skin care line designed with a unique specialty capsule delivery design.

Every LaStella formula comes in a patented pump that carefully breaks capsules of active ingredients open while you pump. This means that the ingredients you’re using are as fresh as possible, allowing you to apply the ingredients to your skin when they are at their peak efficacy.

The ingredients within the capsules include nourishing botanicals, restorative and protective antioxidants, and advanced scientific compounds created to target stressed skin in need of repair.

G-Power Skin Barrier Light
The G-Power Skin Barrier Light is the world’s first personal skin barrier measurement device. It measures transepidermal water loss and stratum corneum hydration, giving you the information you need to accurately assess and target your skin’s needs.

Like a scale measures weight, the G-Power Skin Barrier Light measures the skin’s health in order to uncover its needs. It won the Seoul Innovation Quickfire Challenge of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, and is proudly made in Seoul, South Korea—the heart of K-beauty.

Shop today to find your favorite ATOPALM and Real Barrier products alongside some of South Korea’s other best-selling, high end Korean skin care. Don’t forget to join the mailing list to stay up-to-date on new products and sales.

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