Best Postpartum Skin Care

Did you know that September is the most birthday-packed month of the year in the U.S.? If you are an expecting or postpartum mom during this popular birth month, let ATOPALM provide all the postpartum skin care and pampering you need.

Pregnancy is one of the biggest causes of skin changes that a woman will ever experience. Hormones drastically alter the skin—sometimes for the better, sometimes not. Pregnancy glow is a real thing, but so is pregnancy acne, pregnancy hyperpigmentation, changes to skin texture, increased or decreased facial hair growth, and so much more.

After baby is born, your skin doesn’t go right back to its normal pre-pregnancy state. In fact, your skin can change even more as hormones shift and alter to adjust for your body’s new role as caretaker and food source. Again, some of these skin changes may be viewed as good (no more acne! less itching!) but others may be frustrating.

Let ATOPALM help you adjust to motherhood by taking away the concern over what to use on your skin to help it transition from pregnancy into postpartum. Our Maternity Care K-beauty products can be used throughout your entire pregnancy and during your postpartum phase to help keep your skin healthy, comfortable, and beautiful for 40 weeks and beyond.

Stretch Mark Cream targets one of a pregnant mom’s biggest concerns—stretch marks. Stretch marks are a very common occurrence during pregnancy and while they are nearly impossible to escape completely, our Stretch Mark Cream helps to prevent them and diminish the appearance of the ones that do appear.

But did you know that stretch marks can also occur after pregnancy as skin begins to shrink back down? Hormonal changes may make skin more prone to stretch marks, so be sure to use our Stretch Mark Cream during the postpartum period to continue protecting against stretch marks.

SALE PRICE: $26.60

Massage Oil for pregnancy is our lightweight, clean-smelling product for deeply moisturizing and nourishing the skin while acting as a pregnancy-safe massage oil. After pregnancy, Massage Oil can be used to help a new mom relax before bedtime, be pampered by her partner, and support her skin during hormonal changes.

An incredible blend of botanical oils restore luster and smoothness to skin while the same MLE and Ceramide-9S used in the Stretch Mark Cream support and protect the skin’s lipid layer. Massage Oil can be used all over the body—it makes a great oil for the low back to work out sciatic pain, foot oil to soothe feet that spread during pregnancy, and shoulder oil to ease tension from feeding and rocking baby.

SALE PRICE: $23.80

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