Introducing Zeroid: Science-Backed Korean Hair Care and Skin Care

Zero Steroids, All Science

Korean skin care and K-beauty are known worldwide for their holistic, gentle approach to self care. So what happens when you need specialized, doctor-recommended care for your skin and hair? Zeroid!

Zeroid stands for Zero Steroid and it’s been the #1 doctor-recommended Dermotologic in Korea for over a decade. Zeroid was previously only available in Korean hospitals, but we are proud to introduce this incredible line to a worldwide online audience.

Zeroid is well-known in Korea for being gentle enough for all ages and skin types, but so effective that it is recommended by doctors for their patients. In addition to skin care, Zeroid offers science-backed hair care that targets hair and scalp concerns.


Zeroid boasts a stunning list of ingredients, which of course include the beloved MLE® with ceramide 9S that ATOPALM is known for. Other ingredients include:

  • Defensamide® whichhelps the production of anti-microbial peptides which act like the body’s natural antibiotics. It also aids in improving and reinforcing the functions of the skin barrier and the self-defense system.
  • ADfence-P which is known to calm extremely sensitive and irritated skin while also slowing down the sebum production to prevent breakouts.
  • Restomide which acts as an anti-redness agent to improve the appearance of sensitive skin.
  • Naturally-derived surfactants for gentle hair and scalp cleansing that won’t upset scalp dermatitis.
  • Panthenol and Biotin to encourage thicker hair shafts and improved hair growth.

In addition to what Zeroid does include, it’s also notable for not including common skin irritants. These ingredients are too often found in mainstream skin care and can seriously irritate or even damage dry, sensitive skin types.

Zeroid features five sub-lines to target a variety of skin and hair concerns. The Zeroid lines are:

Don’t miss your opportunity to try this famous Korean skin care line, finally available to the general public via We are proud to add Zeroid to our growing family of scientifically-proven skin care!

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