2019 ATOPALM Best-Sellers and What Makes Them Fan Favorites

Last year was a great year for ATOPALM.com! We grew our product family, launched our sister site dermartology.com, and enjoyed a slew of sales, giveaways, and gifts!

One thing we always love to do at the beginning of the new year is look back and see what the top selling products were the previous year. Curious to know which ATOPALM.com products sold best in 2019? The results may surprise you: three creams took the top three spots!

ATOPALM Intensive Moisturizing Cream is our flagship product and is consistently our best-seller year after year. And why not? Its MLE formulation is great for use by all ages, and can be used anywhere on the face or body. It’s versatile and effective—what more could you want in a skin care product?

Intensive Moisturizing Cream has five stars with 93 reviews. It helps replenish the skin’s natural barrier without ever upsetting dry and sensitive skin types. We recommend Intensive Moisturizing Cream as your introduction to ATOPALM since its MLE-based formulation really lets you experience all MLE has to offer your skin.

Real Barrier Extreme Cream has become the favorite of many ATOPALM users since it uses MLE but has the added benefits of hyaluronic acid and Real Barrier’s Three-Calming Complex. These extra two ingredients help to further hydrate skin (hyaluronic acid is able to attract and bind up to 1,000 times its own weight in water) while deeply calming and soothing skin irritation.

Real Barrier Three-Calming Complex features:

  • Panthenol to improve skin smoothness and suppleness while helping skin retain moisture and defend itself against external stressors. It also helps reduce itching, inflammation, and redness.
  • Madecassoside aka gotu kola or centella asiatica works hard to protect skin with antioxidants against free radical damage. It also strengthens the skin and boosts blood circulation which helps the skin operate at optimal function. Madecassoside is especially helpful for managing eczema, psoriasis, and acne.
  • Allantoin is known to lock moisture into skin while encouraging natural skin exfoliation which improves skin softness, smoothness, and radiance. It is also said to reinforce the skin’s natural cell renewal process, which goes hand-in-hand with its exfoliating properties.

Zeroid Intensive Cream was the surprise this year since it is so new to ATOPALM.com! But we shouldn’t be too surprised—Zeroid is already a best-selling Korean skin care line in Korea (and elsewhere) and we are thrilled to find that ATOPALM.com customers love it as well.

MLE and ceramide 9S work together to protect and strengthen the skin’s barrier while Defensamide® helps the production of anti-microbial peptides which act like the body’s natural antibiotic. Squalane, a natural component of human skin lipids, helps skin feel moisturized immediately upon application.

These three top-sellers wowed customers this year, but many more found important places in the daily skin care routines of our customers. Don’t see your favorite ATOPALM.com product here? Tell us about it in the comments!

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