Quarantine Self-Care: Massage

These are stressful times whether you’re stuck at home with bored kids or you’re considered essential staff and still heading out into the workforce every day. And that doesn’t even touch those in the medical industry working so tirelessly and selflessly!

If you’re looking for ways to decompress and destress, start with some self-care. A self massage (or trading with a partner if you’re quarantined together) is a great way to relax, recharge, and work on your breathing and mindfulness.

Massage is more than just something that feels good—it helps you slow down, work on your physical health, and center your thoughts. Many people practice meditation during a massage; others simply let go and just let themselves be.

Take a look at these at home massage techniques and pick the ones that will work best for your isolation situation. Then choose an ATOPALM massage oil and you’re all set!

Scalp Massage

When you’re feeling especially stressed, a scalp massage can do the trick. Place your palms flat against your head near your temples, with the heel of your palms against your temple and your hands extending up into your hair. Gently press in and up, pushing your scalp toward the ceiling. Hold for a few seconds before releasing. Continue in sections over your entire scalp.

Face Massage

If you’re dealing with sinus pain or a tension headache, a face massage can be just what your body ordered. Using your fingertips, draw gentle yet firm circles along your hairline, down over your cheekbones, above your eyebrows, and your TMJ area—where your jaw hinges. The TMJ area may feel tense and painful—go slowly and be gentle, but encourage it to release tension. Finish by massaging behind the ears and gently pinching your earlobes.

Arm, Hand, and Thigh Massage

Working from home, texting family members, and plain ol’ tension can leave arms and hands feeling badly. Rest your right arm, palm up, on your thigh and try to release all tension from it. Taking your left hand, press the heel of your palm on the inside of your right elbow, and push it down toward your hand. Apply enough pressure to feel the tension release, but not so much that you’re uncomfortable. Continue pressing the heel of your left hand down over your right palm, then firmly clasp your hands to apply pressure between the fingers. Repeat this processes a few times, and then switch sides.

This technique also works perfectly for tight thighs. Begin where your thigh and hip meet, and push down toward your knee. You can do both legs at the same time, or focus on one at a time to really connect with your thigh tension.

Neck and Shoulder Massage

The neck and shoulder area is the most common area in need of massage TLC, but it’s difficult to manage on your own. Start by dropping your shoulders down (you’ll be surprised to find them up by your ears most of the time!) and gently tuck your chin to your chest. If you feel resistance, go slowly, but work your way down as far as your neck will allow. Place two or three fingertips on one side where your neck meets your shoulder area. Apply firm pressure while you roll your shoulder forward and back a few times, then switch sides.

Lower Back

Hunched over your computer at your “home office” all day? Chances are that your lower back is feeling it! Place a tennis ball (or children’s toy ball if that’s more available to you) onto the floor and lie on it. You can also place it between your back and the wall if that’s an easier position for you. Move your body slowly up and down, side to side so that the ball finds the “knots” in your back. Be sure to avoid your spine, and don’t press so hard that you’re in a lot of pain.

If you have a quarantine partner, the neck, shoulder, and lower back areas are much more easily reached with their help. Just make sure to return the favor!

We currently offer two excellent ATOPALM massage oils, one created with pregnancy in mind and one from the popular Real Barrier line. But don’t let the word “pregnancy” keep you away if that oil appeals to you more! It’s great for anyone looking to unwind.

ATOPALM Maternity Care Massage Oil for pregnancy is a lightweight, clean-smelling product for deeply moisturizing and nourishing the skin while acting as a pregnancy-safe massage oil.

An incredible blend of botanical oils restore luster and smoothness to skin while MLE and Ceramide-9S support and protect the skin’s lipid layer.

Real Barrier Extreme Body Oil a combination massage and skin care oil! The pure formula features only 10 EWG Green grade ingredients including a slew of nourishing and moisturizing oils.

It can be used as a daily moisturizer for dry, sensitive skin types, but it makes a remarkable massage oil for all skin types and needs.

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