Korean Hair Care Tips

K-beauty has made its way into the hearts (and onto the skin!) of the world, but what about hair care? Korean hair care is just as elegant, effective, and advanced as Korean skin care, and now you can find Korean hair care on ATOPALM.com.

Our Korean hair care is based on the belief that a healthy scalp equals healthy, beautiful hair. Just like the skin on the face or body, the scalp needs to stay moisturized and nourished in order to feel and perform its best. If you struggle with an uncomfortable scalp, dry hair, lack of shine, or other scalp and hair issues, Zeroid Rootheal is for you.

Zeroid Rootheal was designed to help restore dry, red, and sensitive scalp issues, as well as dry or brittle hair. The line is simple—it features a shampoo and a scalp moisturizer. Note that a hair conditioner is not featured, as the belief behind the line is that proper scalp care will result in healthier, more beautiful hair. It targets scalp and hair issues at the root.

Rootheal Mild Shampoo removes excess oils, dirt, and debris from the hair while balancing the pH of the hair and scalp. Panthenol conditions and prevents hair thinning, while biotin encourages hair growth. This combination results in thicker, healthier-looking hair, as well as a calmed scalp. It’s great for those with scalp dermatitis, reddened scalp (including those with rosacea that extends into the scalp), as well as short-term irritation due to allergy, hormonal changes, or damage caused by harsh and poorly formulated hair care products.

Rootheal Scalp Moisturizer is so much more than your average hair conditioner. You massage it directly into the scalp to calm and moisturize the skin of the scalp—no rinsing required! Zinc gluconate reduces redness while ADfence-P calms sensitivity and slows sebum production, helping to keep hair from getting oily too quickly. Defensamide boosts the production of anti-microbial peptides and encourages healthy skin function, and MLE reinforces the skin’s barrier in order to create and maintain healthy moisture levels. Scalp Moisturizer is unlike any scalp care or hair care product you’ve ever used.

These two Korean hair care products, when used together, will transform the health and beauty of your scalp and hair. You have to try them to believe the difference. Order both today to save huge—your scalp and hair will thank you!

Zeroid Rootheal Line Bundle

OUR PRICE  $34.20

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