Korean Skin Care for Men—On Sale Now

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we thought it would be the perfect time to highlight Korean skin care for men. K-beauty took women’s skin care by storm, but the same is true for men’s skin care.

Men‘s skin is, on average, thicker, more prone to wrinkling, drier, rougher, and more oily than women’s skin. It also faces daily damage and irritation due to shaving! While many men find that mainstream skin care works okay for them, using products specifically designed to target men’s concerns will go a long way toward improving the look and feel of his skin.

Whether you’re looking for your own skin care revolution or you’re shopping for a loved one, Real Barrier All In One For Men is the last product line you’ll need to look at. It has everything you (or he) needs to keep skin looking and feeling its best. Shaving irritation will dissipate, excess oil production will become balanced, and the skin’s functions will be optimized in order to create healthy skin from within.

What makes Real Barrier For Men different? A key ingredient known as Anti-Sebum Complex P goes a long way toward dealing with men’s skin care issues. It’s a patented blend that helps control oil with rich botanicals that also nourish and improve the function of skin. These botanicals include evening primrose extract, kudzu root (one of the earliest medicinal plants used in ancient China), pine leaf, elm root, and red clover flower.

In addition to Anti-Sebum Complex P, Real Barrier All In One For Men utilizes MLE, the revolutionary ingredients that ATOPALM is known for. MLE reinforces the skin’s natural barrier in order to better protect against external damage while improving the skin’s ability to become and stay moisturized.

You’ll find MLE, Anti-Sebum Complex P and more in the three-product For Men range. These three skin care products are all he needs to keep his skin looking and feeling great, though they also pair beautifully with the rest of the products and ranges that ATOPALM.com has to offer.

Shop Real Barrier For Men now during our Father’s Day Sale! 

Real Barrier For Men All In One Wash

SALE PRICE: $16.00

Real Barrier For Men All In One Mist Toner

SALE PRICE: $16.00

Real Barrier For Men All In One Moisturizer

SALE PRICE: $20.80

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