The Benefits of Skin Care Face Masks

Face masks are front and center in the media today. Keeping your community safe should be #1 on your priority list, but after you run your errands and you’re able to go N95-free at home, we suggest you put on a different sort of mask.

Skin care face masks are nothing new. Women (and men!) have been using beauty face masks for decades to improve skin health and appearance. No matter what your skin type, your skin can benefit from the intensive care that only a K-beauty face mask can bring.

The Benefits of Skin Care Face Masks

While the term face mask brings different things to mind in 2020, we ask you to suspend that connotation and instead take your mind to the spa. Tranquil, rejuvenating, and all about self-care, these face masks aren’t about a global pandemic—they’re about you.

They hug your skin. Skin care face masks offer a slew of benefits, mainly thanks to one specific trait. They are occlusive, which means that they blanket, or wrap, the skin in the active ingredients you’re harnessing the power of. This allows them to deliver both instant and long-term benefits. It’s also why you should always apply face masks to freshly clean and pure skin; otherwise, you’re laying a skin care blanket over makeup, dirt, oil, and bacteria—and trapping it there.

They deep clean your skin. Face masks aren’t specifically used to cleanse skin like a face wash would; rather, they draw out the impurities that hang out just beneath the surface of the skin. Sometimes people experience a “skin detox” after using a face mask, which is simply the experience of the skin purging itself of all the funk that’s trapped beneath the top layers of the epidermis. After this detox phase, the skin reveals its true form: clear, radiant, smooth, and even with smaller-looking pores!

They help unclog pores. One step further in the deep cleaning arena is the act of unclogging pores. Masks using clays or other blemish-busting ingredients help to release trapped oils, dead skin, and bacteria so they don’t become red, inflamed, or filled with pus—a zit. This benefit goes hand-in-hand with the last one, as deep cleaning the top layers of the skin also helps clogged pores to release whatever is clogging it…or even not become clogged in the first place!

They inject moisture into your skin. Every good skin care regimen emphasizes hydration, as proper moisture levels are a top quality in all healthy skin. Face masks are an excellent way to deeply hydrate and moisturize skin, which leads to both instant and long-lasting results. Skin becomes smoother and more supple, with an inner glow that’s often associated with health and youth. This also makes moisturizing face masks a must-have when you’ve experienced dehydration, like after prolonged sun exposure or activity.

They boost circulation and nutrients. Depending on the ingredients found in your Korean skin care face mask, it will almost certainly provide nutrients and antioxidants to your skin, but it may also increase circulation which further improves nutrient levels! A circulation boost will also increase a glowy, dewy look, help minor wounds heal faster (like blemishes!), and create a healthier texture to your skin. A rich dose of nutrients will keep skin looking its best as long as possible while supporting the natural functions of the skin.

They encourage relaxation and self-care. This benefit is just as important as the actual skin care benefits of face masks. When you put on a mask, you are rarely inspired to hop up and clean your house or take the kids to their piano lesson. Instead, you may grab that book you’ve been meaning to read, or soak in the tub for 20 minutes. Skin face masks are highly associated with relaxation; they bring to mind images of a spa or indulgence. Keep with the theme! Take your mask time as a time to rest and rejuvenate. The world can wait for a few minutes.

You will find all of these benefits (and perhaps even more!) when you use one of the many K-beauty face masks found on Shop our masks based on your skin types or skin goals, and experience the beauty benefits and the act of self-care! All of our masks are affordable, easy to apply, and formulated with skin health in mind. Whether you choose a skin cream mask or sheet mask, you’ll be giving your skin the care it deserves.

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